Happy News

It’s our job to teach and to help whenever we can. Of course, when we know we did make a difference, that would totally make our day. One of the students texted me today just to thank me for teaching him the use of the ratio cross multiply two weeks ago. It was a five-mark[…]

Providing an Education

Teaching isn’t easy, even if it is for enrichment classes. We do not just teach the subjects; it is also about providing an education for the students. One of my lower-primary students has a short-temper issue. He gets irritable easily and would vent his anger in class. Typically I do not give him the attention[…]

Why Trust Us

I had this conversation with a parent whose child is taking the PSLE next year. “Why should I trust you with my daughter? It’s a crucial year for my child and I don’t want to have to switch tutors in the middle of the year again.” This is a very legitimate question. I understand the[…]


Big thanks to the parents who wrote reviews on our Facebook page! You are very kind. If you are unsure whether you should join us, the reviews give a sense of the culture we have at the Study Room and how we educate our students. For other parents of our students, you are welcome to[…]