Animal based idioms

English tip:

On Friday, we shared with you idioms that are based on animals.
One of them includes "Does the cat have your tongue?" which is used when someone is at loss for words.

Today, we will look at idioms/phrases that are used with the word "tongue."

To hold one’s tongue- to shut up
Lost your tongue- at loss for words
Tongue in cheek- said as a joke
If alcohol loosens your tongue- you are talking a lot without thinking
Got a tongue-lashing- Got a severe scolding
Give the rough side of the tongue- To speak angrily to someone
Sharp tongue- outspoken or harsh manner, a critical way of speaking
Bite your tongue- to struggle to not say something
Slip of the tongue- To say something accidentally
To set tongues wagging- to mean everyone is talking about the person badly

Can you think of other tongue-related idioms?