Cheryl’s Age

The professor who came up with the question on Cheryl’s birthday wants us to guess her age now. ****SPOILER ALERT**** If you don’t want to spend your weekend wrecking brains our the brat Cheryl’s age, our Maths expert Wallace has the solution here. Enjoy! Step 1: The product of all our ages is 144 A,[…]

My good student

I have a student who is not as strong academically as his peers. I adore him because he has a pleasant personality and is easy-going. *Grades do not define a person’s character.   Since it is the school holidays this week, I asked the students yesterday what they were going to do over the next[…]

Weight vs Mass

Science tip: “The weight of an object is also its mass.” This is really awkward to explain because we use kg to measure both weight and mass. -Weight is the pull of the Earth’s gravity on mass and is dependent on the gravity experienced (so an object will have a different weight on the moon).[…]

Tough Maths problem

This is a very tough question. Try this and see if you can solve it without using algebra. Andy, Betty, Candy and Danny each have some money. The amount of money Andy has is 1/3 of the total amount of money Betty, Candy and Danny have. The amount of money Betty has is 1/4 of[…]