Comparing Study Room With the Big Establishments

Q: How do you compare Study Room with the big establishments?

A: It’s like comparing a huge fast food restaurant chain with a small, cosy cafe.

The restaurant chain has a standardized menu and outlets throughout the country, so it may be more convenient for you.

The cafe owner knows you by your first name, remembers how much sugar you need in your coffee and can tailor the food according to your request.

Similarly, the Study Room may have only two days of classes but lessons are tailor-made for our students and we take all feedback seriously. Because the founders are hands on with the teaching, we identify issues with the children quickly and communicate frequently with the parents.

As we believe in teaching with our hearts, our focus is solely in nurturing your child. We come up with our own curriculum to ensure optimal learning with lots of fun.

We have new classes for P1-2 and P3-4 English at Novena on Friday evenings and classes for all primary school levels on Saturdays at Waterloo Centre.

If you are drawn by our personal touch and the dedication we have for our children, drop us a note here to enquire more and we will get back to you ASAP.