Happy Father’s Day to all daddies!

Interesting note: I told my students to write a composition about their father and add personal anecdotes in the story because that appeals to readers and makes the essay more interesting.

A handful of them wrote about how they would always approach their fathers to sign their exam papers if they did badly. hehe

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The mum-and-dad partnership is perfect as their roles are complementary. Mothers are more hands-on, nurturing and caring. Daddies are usually more zen and acts as an alternative source of support, which is very crucial in the family. Because of this delicate balance, the child has two people to look up to and always has someone to turn to.

I, too, have the best of both worlds. My mum is very protective and loving. My dad gives me the free rein to do what I want and develop my potential. Without my father’s support in my endeavours in life, I wouldn’t have gone so far.

On this Father’s Day, a big thank you to all fathers and my own papa for being our best “accomplice in crime” and always trusting us, backing us in times of need.