Happy First Day of School

It’s the first day of school!

To all the Secondary 1 students, it’s a brand new journey ahead. My high school days were among the best times of my life- study hard, play hard, make a lot of friends and enjoy your teenage years. You will probably enter a rebellious stage soon. Remember it is OK to question- that’s part of learning and growing up, but you don’t have to be rude and always bear in mind your parents mean well.

Parents, your child may be entering P1, Secondary 1 or JC1— huge milestones for them and for you. It’s natural to worry and inevitably nag wink emoticon Use this as a chance to accept that your child is maturing and that’s a good thing!

As for us, we are busy preparing for our classes which commence from the week of January 12. We are putting a lot of heart into planning our curriculum because we want every student to enjoy coming to our lessons and learn something from them. If you will like to join us, send your enquiries to http://studyroom.sg/registration/

All the best for this fabulous day and year! smile emoticon