If there’s one thing I won’t teach, it’s baking

It’s one of the students’ birthday so I woke up really early yesterday to bake a cake. I had tried baking a few times and they usually turn out ok. Not great but at least average.

So I got a little too ambitious and even tried a new recipe just because the author said it’s the best chocolate cake recipe ever. (I forgot it’s also dependent on who the chef is)

 photo 1-45.jpg

It turned out to be pretty ugly, especially when I didn’t have time for frosting as my classes start in the morning. And I am embarrassed to say- it didn’t taste superb either (and I am being kind to myself here.)

Still, we went through the ritual of the birthday boy making a wish. Despite the taste/looks of the cake, I am sure the boy’s wish will come true. Because he deserves it. 

P.s. I have learnt my lesson and decided to just buy cakes in future.