Our Maths Classes

Reality check: I have failed Maths before during my ‘A’ levels. Several times.

In the end- I still aced my Maths subjects, including getting a distinction for the ‘S’ paper.

Maths is about understanding and practice. And enjoying the subject. So often I hear students say, “Aiya I don’t know why I am doing this, I won’t use it when I grow up.”

At Study Room, we boost a student’s Maths grades by doing the following:

1. FUN
Classes will have fun activities such as games that involve arithmetic, puzzles that involve spatial reasoning, maths quizzes and demonstrations on areas of triangles. We will show him how it can be applied in real life too.

2. Methodology
The student must understand the methodology of each solution, so that he is to be able to apply that solution to another question. In my classes, I will not only explain in detail the solution steps, but also present several different methods of solving a problem. Students will be able to use the method that he is most comfortable with.

3. Practice
Unfortunately, acing Maths has to come with sufficient practice. I will involve the student in drills only after he has understood the steps so that it’s not boring for him.

For keen students, I’ll present more challenging problems. This will not only motivate their learning, but also help them prepare for the tougher questions in the exam paper and secondary school.

If this class interests you, you can enquire here http://studyroom.sg/registration/ and we will answer you promptly. We are located at Waterloo Centre near the National Library. Maths classes are held 10-11.30am and 5.30-7pm.