The Little Prince

In GEP classes in some schools, students are required to conduct interviews. I am proud to say we start our children from Primary 1. 

 photo 1_10.jpg

I introduced my Primary 1 students to The Little Prince today. It is a classic and I thought it is worth recommending to them. As they are only seven years old, I tried to summarise the contents and hope they will enjoy it and appreciate the story more when they grow older.

To get them more excited about the class and the book, I brought them to this very cute Little-Prince-themed ice-cream place called The Little Prince Cafe 小王子咖啡座 after explaining the story to them.

My students were ecstatic to be out of the classroom, even more exhilarated to be having ice-cream during their lesson time and blushed a little when I got them to interview the great people from the cafe.

This is what we think education should be about- interactive, engaging and interesting. I hope my kids had a fun-filled day, boosted their confidence in speaking in public and learnt from my class today.