The Spirit of Study Room

Due to the new classes, I have been talking to some interested parents recently and will like to reiterate the spirit of the Study Room for the pals who just got to know us.

Wallace and I started Study Room because we love children and we want to help and we want to make a difference in your kid’s life. Why else will we be spending time outside our day jobs as a trader and a reporter to do this?

At the Study Room:

1. We do not discriminate.
Parents want to send their kids for extra classes after school for a reason. They need assistance.
If your kid isn’t good in his studies, that’s OK.
There’s no entry exams here. We are here to help and want to help. For the very weak students, we want to work together with you so that their grades can improve.

2. We do not judge.
We don’t look down on weak students nor give up on them. They are gems waiting to be polished. Do you know Thomas Edison, the inventor of light bulbs, dropped out of school after three months?

And this is what I always tell all the students too- we are teammates, we help one another and we should never make fun of other students if they are not as good in their school work. We work together to ace the exams.

3. We want to add value
For the students who are already academically strong, it’s my duty to add value, help them stand out from their peers and be the best in the class.

We want everyone to benefit from our classes.

For instance for English, I would nitpick on their compositions, teach them phrases that are not used in school; for Maths/Science, more challenging questions are given to the students.

4. Last but not least, we want them to LOVE learning.
We wreck our brains weekly to design games, conduct experiments and take them out on field trips for our classes.
The sole reason is so that they enjoy what they learn.

Life is short and if this part of our education is compulsory, why not make it fun while we learn?

We don’t want them to dread waking up on Saturdays because they have to come to our class. That’s too sad! And we want them to love all their subjects too!

Through our passion, we want to touch all their lives and be there for them.

This is what Study Room is about.