Understanding the Comprehension Question

Besides the need to understand the passage, you need to also to comprehend the question.

A lot of my students know where the answer is but if you are not answering the question, a strict marker would penalise you and could deny you marks.

Here’s a bonus tip to you. Very often, for question 10, the examiner likes to ask about “change.”
– how did the author’s attitude¬†towards Mary change?
– In what way had Brian’s feelings towards the skunk changed by the end of the story?
-How had the writer’s feelings towards swimming changed at the end of the passage?

Don’t just tell me: He liked Mary in the end. He enjoyed the skunk’s company or the writer hated swimming at the end.


Show me how it has changed!

-The author hated Mary at first but grew to love her in the end.
-Brian was fearful of the skunk at first but started to enjoy its company in the end.
-The writer initially loved swimming but hated the exercise at the end of the passage.