Grammar Watch

Spotted a grammar mistake while watching Crime Watch. What’s the mistake? Crime Watch does a great job educating the public on law and order in Singapore, but it should get a new transcriber. (See photo in previous post) The error: I saw him took. Correct: I saw him take. After verbs of perception (see watch,[…]


Derek who is ________ university undergraduate spoke to us for ________ hour during Assembly. 1) an…a 2) a…an 3) a…a 4) an…an The answer is 2. Rule: Use “a” before words that start with a consonant sound and “an” before words that start with a vowel sound. -Hour starts with a vowel sound, since it[…]

Interview with the pilot

A pilot visited the Primary 1-2 class today. The kids were captivated by his stories and had endless questions for him. The poor pilot must feel interrogated because the questions were sharp, tough and excessively morbid. “What happens if there is a crash?”, “What do you do when there is a crash?”, “what if someone[…]

It’s OK to Make Mistakes

Kids, here are some inspiring words from one of my favourite writers. This applies to your studies and life. It’s OK to make mistakes during your exercises. Most importantly, learn from your mistakes so that you won’t repeat them in your exams. In life, it’s OK to make mistakes too; we are not saints. However,[…]

Stupid Wei

I happily announced to the class that we will start a new tradition today and asked them to guess what it was. As a “family,” I want to start celebrating everyone’s birthday because each student is special to us. I increased the suspense, bringing out more items from the bag as clues. First the lighter,[…]

Default title

This is said to be a Maths questions taking from an admission test for a Hong Kong primary school. We can’t verify that. Nonetheless, the question is very interesting and it shows how Maths is about thinking out of the box. What is your answer? ANS: The solution: imagine you are retrieving your car at[…]