Kudos to Parents!

I enjoy teaching. I love interacting with children. It’s even more fulfilling when you meet a student whose parents are very hands-on. This is because our efforts complement each other and the child benefits the most. I am full of admiration for parents who are very involved in their children’s progress. From Study Room, I[…]

Missing the children

As we run up towards the PSLE, I’m starting to miss my students already, knowing that in a few more weeks they’d have done their exams and it’s unlikely I’ll see them again. So as they pleaded hard for me to order pizza, I gave in. I also remembered, back when I was studying for[…]

What’s the Plural of Octopus

Was watching Study Room’s good friend Pornsak’s Food Source.He was explaining the various uses of Octopus. Quiz time- do you know what’s the plural of octopus? Answer: *Definitely correct: Octopuses -Chambers 21st century dictionary, Compact Oxford, Fowler’s Modern English Usage list “octopuses” as the only acceptable plural of the word.*Rare use of this form: Octopodes[…]

Don’t blame fate

This will just take four minutes of your time, but it’s totally worth watching.  Click here.  The contestant talks about how we shouldn’t blame our fate for our problems or lack of success. One should always work hard and that’s the best way to attain the life we want. Let your children watch this video too.[…]