It’s not nice to use nice

I always tell my students: 1) No word echoes: don’t repeat the phrases you use if possible. It would appear like you have a limited vocabulary bank. 2) Don’t use the word “nice”. It’s a lazy way of writing. Everything can be “nice”. Yesterday, while I was at my parents’ place, I watched this TV[…]

March Holiday Programme

The March school holidays are here soon and we are planning exciting programmes for you! Check out what we are offering! Monday March 16 – Friday March 20  Upper-Primary Intensive Composition Writing (12-2pm) -We teach the latest three-picture composition format, explain how to tackle it and provide intensive exercises for the entire March holiday. –[…]

Witnessing the Blizzard first hand!

Reading and travelling are two important ways of getting an education. <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=” photo 1_8.jpg”/></a> While we don’t have the budget to fly our students overseas, we are able to get them in tune with what’s happening with the other side of the world with the news and technology. I was[…]

Logic in Compositions

Logic is very important in compositions. When we are planning the story, we must constantly ask ourselves, “Is this logical?” Two weeks ago, my students wrote about an accident. General plot: A dog saw an ice-cream cone that’s dropped on the ground, rushed across the road to get it and got hit by a bus.[…]