Science tip

Science tip: The diagram shows a sealed glass ball which is a model habitat that can last for years. Inside the sealed glass ball are plants and animals living within the same habitat. It is a self-sustaining system and the ecosystem within is balanced. Question: Explain why this sealed glass ball requires sunlight in order[…]

Science tip: Heat

Third day of Science tip! Remember to click on “See First” so as not to miss any post and share the post if it’s useful! The following question is on heat for P4 and P5 students. Look at the picture. Wallace conducted an experiment with the apparatus. He placed a glass bottle with a deflated[…]

Halloween party!

Halloween is here! Mark your calendar. As per Study Room’s tradition, we are having our annual Halloween party. What we will have: – Special games room – Movie screening – Free-flow Popcorn machine – Balloon sculpting – Face painting – And perhaps more… 😉 Come to Study Room dressed on October 29 Saturday at 7pm[…]

Don’t throw your books!

Remember this photo that went viral three years ago? PSLE kids were burning their books and there was a heated discussion online whether they should do that. 1. Hooray! PSLE is over! 2. Don’t burn or throw your books/notes. Pass them to us. We will pass them to students who need them. Paying it forward.[…]

Our signage is up!

Maybe because we started from renting a place hourly, with no signage and then moved to a place that has no proper frontage on the third floor of a building with no traffic, it’s especially exhilarating to finally see our signage put up at the new location. #newbeginnings #strivingon via Facebook Pages