2017 Schedule

Schedule is subject to change without notice

P1 English P1 Maths
Sat 12pm Sat 10:30am
Thu 3pm
P2 English P2 Maths
Sat 3:30pm Sat 2pm
Thu 10am
Thu 4:30pm
P3 English P3 Maths P3 Science
Sat 2pm Sat 12pm Sat 10:30am
Sat 9am Wed 3pm Thu 3pm
Fri 4:30pm
P4 English P4 Maths P4 Science
Sat 10:30am Sat 12pm Wed 3pm
Sun 10:30am Sun 12pm Sat 9am
Thu 3pm
Fri 5pm
P5 English P5 Maths P5 Science
Sat 5pm Sat 10:30am Sat 12pm
Sun 5pm Sun 2pm Thu 4:30pm
Thu 4:30pm Thu 6pm Fri 4:30pm
Sat 6:30pm Sat 3:30pm
Sun 3:30pm
P6 English P6 Maths P6 Science
Sat 3:30pm Sat 2pm Thu 6pm
Sat 12pm Sat 5pm Sun 2pm
Sun 12pm Sun 10:30am Sat 2pm
Thu 6pm Thu 7:30pm Sat 5pm
Sat 6:30pm
Sun 9am
S1 English S1 Maths S1 Science
Sat 2pm Sat 9am Wed 4:30pm
Sun 2pm Sun 3:30pm Sat 10:30am
Fri 3:30pm
S2 English S2 Maths S2 Science
Fri 7pm Sun 9am Wed 6pm
Sat 12pm
S3 English S3 A Maths S3 Science
Sun 3:30pm Sun 5pm Sun 12:30pm (Chemistry)
Sun 2pm (Combined Phy+Chem)
S4 A Maths
Sat 3:30pm

Classes: Each class is 1.5h and limited to 8 students for Primary school level and 10 students for Secondary school level. Times above show the start time.

Rates: Please contact us for details.

Dates for 2017:

We do not have regular classes on the following dates (please attend a similar class in the week if you’re affected).
24 Jan 2017 to 29 Jan 2017 (CNY – 1 week break)
14 Apr 2017 (Good Friday)
10 May 2017 (Wed – Vesak Day)
29 May 2017 to 4 June 2017 (1 week break)
9 Aug 2017 (Wed – National Day)
1 Sep 2017 (Fri – Hari Raya Haji)
18 Oct 2017 (Wed – Deepavali)

Regular classes are scheduled on all other days.