A fabulous first week of school!

It was a hectic, yet fabulous first week of school. We got to know more friends, started our Chinese classes and were well-prepared. Our new teachers Aden, Sook Yee, Yang Ping and Yaxi were able to hit the ground effortlessly with their years of experience in teaching. We are thankful for their help, and of[…]

Our role as educators

A friend recently asked if I thought I have changed someone’s life. We don’t know if we have, but hope we have at the very least influenced a student for the better. Education is unlike other businesses. It is not just about dollars and cents. We have to go beyond our duty and care for[…]

Did badly for PSLE?

One thing I really hate about PSLE is the streaming exercise that comes after that. I am all for getting the students to study hard to lay the foundation of their languages, Science and Maths- these skills will aid them in life. While putting the students in different schools based on their grades at 12[…]

Our Chinese classes

How are you conducting your P1-P4 Chinese classes? This is a frequently asked question by parents. 1. We adhere strictly to MOE’s syllabus. 2. Our goal is to build your child’s foundation and more importantly, cultivate his interest in the language in a friendly and encouraging environment. Easier said than done! Let me show, not[…]

Halloween Party!

It was the best Halloween party we ever had. That was because the party was co-organized by students and parents this year. It was a team effort. Thanks to everyone who contributed- manned the booths, brought food along, donated generously and had fun to make the event an enjoyable one. Also, special thanks to our[…]

Maths tip: Elimination method

Maths tip: Elimination method: Try the 5 questions in the picture (P3 level). If you can do them, then you’ve already got an understanding of the elimination method. Ans: 1.3 2. 8 3. 6 4. 18 5. 8 These questions below are more difficult but build on the same method of problem-solving: 1. Mdm Lim[…]