Current Affairs class

Can you name any of the people in the photos? They were in the news the past week. Is your child bored after PSLE or after the end-of-year examinations? You want to plan for a fun, yet meaningful and enriching class for him/her. The Current Affairs Hour! We have planned a four-week class for you.[…]

2019 Schedule is out!

We are happy to unveil our 2019 schedule! If you are looking for someone to not just teach your children, but also to nurture, and mentor in a fun and safe environment, we welcome you to our family! 1) We do not discriminate you if you are weak in grades. We are here to help.[…]

We don’t discriminate.

We don’t discriminate against weak students. After all, they come for extra lessons because they need help, don’t they? It defeats the purpose if only academically strong students are accepted. Sure, such a policy will not be beneficial to us, because we won’t be able to brag about 100% A* s amongst our students, but[…]

Florence’s birthday!

Today’s Florence’s birthday. We are blessed to be able to celebrate with her for the past three years! A solid pillar for our lower-primary English classes, her meticulous and caring teaching have won the hearts of many. Thank you for everything and hope you had a good day, Florence! Thanks for teaching even though it’s[…]

Letting go

A mother recently sought advice from me. The child, currently sitting for A Levels, is brilliant and is eyeing places in Ivy League universities. Mum tried actively to persuade her son from taking the route because she would miss him terribly. “NUS is also a world-class university,” she said. “Why does he need to travel[…]

Happy birthday to our dearest Anna

Happy birthday to our dearest Anna. Helming lower pri Maths at Study Room, she has touched not just our students, but also thousands of students at ACSI, where she had taught for decades. Encouraging, kind, yet firm, we never have to worry about her classes. Grateful to have such an experienced hand laying the #Maths[…]