Our role as educators

A friend recently asked if I thought I have changed someone’s life. We don’t know if we have, but hope we have at the very least influenced a student for the better.

Education is unlike other businesses.

It is not just about dollars and cents. We have to go beyond our duty and care for our students beyond the classroom and help them as much as we can.

It has been a rewarding year for us this year. We had great new teachers who joined us. For instance, Kelvin, our key Sec sch Science teacher, has been a star. Despite being a phd holder, he does not put on airs, is very meticulous, stays back to help students with queries and writes us a detailed autopsy about his lessons every week. Results were shown when his weakest student improved from a C5 to A2. So thankful to have found him. We are even more grateful our existing teachers Sean, Florence and Anna continued with our mission to provide the best for the students.

We had a record number of P6 students this year- it was great fighting the battle with them, see them work hard and improve. Forging bonds with these young punks is one of the greatest gifts this year.

Besides focusing on the curriculum, we invited a pilot, a vet and a man who has been on a walk around the world to talk to our students, hoping their insights would guide them in their life goals. More importantly, we also held a charity Halloween this year, raising money for a Cambodian home with the help of our students and parents.

Can’t be more thankful for 2017.

Next year, we will be starting new Chinese lessons, and there will be more students and teachers. We promise to be just as dedicated and put in our most for all our students.

Thank you for your faith in us. May 2018 be an even better year. Health and happiness to everyone!