Life is so easy?

“Life is so easy now, you don’t have classes everyday,” said some friends. On the surface, it appears so. However, there’s a lot of responsibility involved. Guiding the kids academically and also aiming to provide an education for them, devising ways to get them interested, and helping them improve in the most efficient manner possible.[…]

The woes of answering Science open-ended questions

Several parents wrote to the Straits Times recently to express their concern about how the Science open-ended questions are structured. Despite the MOE’s good intentions to move towards a more inquiry-based learning, and to cultivate inquisitiveness, it does sometimes seem like the exam format is penalising those who do not memorise and regurgitate model answers.[…]

Good Luck!

Good luck to everyone who’s getting the PSLE results today.  I am pretty nervous myself as I hope for the best for my students. Though I am in Europe now, I have asked all of them to message me once they know their results. Have even set an alarm for 5am Europe time to check[…]

Thank You

It’s the last Study Room class for the year this coming Saturday as we take a break and prepare for full-time operations in 2015.Maybe it’s the haze altering my mood; I am feeling very melodramatic now as I prepare for the final lesson of 2014. I remember the excitement when we had our inaugural class- I[…]

Providing an Education

Teaching isn’t easy, even if it is for enrichment classes. We do not just teach the subjects; it is also about providing an education for the students. One of my lower-primary students has a short-temper issue. He gets irritable easily and would vent his anger in class. Typically I do not give him the attention[…]