Good Luck!

Good luck to everyone who’s getting the PSLE results today. 

I am pretty nervous myself as I hope for the best for my students. Though I am in Europe now, I have asked all of them to message me once they know their results. Have even set an alarm for 5am Europe time to check my messages. *fingers crossed* Don’t I sound like one of the gam cheong parents? haha

That said, while it is of utmost importance to try our best for the exams (and in whatever we do), remember: the PSLE results are final. If you get a satisfactory aggregate later, well done! Celebrate and enjoy the day. If the results are not up to expectations, don’t beat yourself over it.

Remember you are only 12 years old. You have a whole life ahead of you and this is just one of the many tests/exams you will face. And this DOES NOT decide your future. There’s plenty of opportunities to catch up.

I wrote a piece last year to encourage students who didn’t do well. Thought I should share this story with you again- it’s about a friend who got a T-score of less than 200 for her PSLE but is one of the most sought-after bankers now.