Weight vs Mass

Science tip: “The weight of an object is also its mass.” This is really awkward to explain because we use kg to measure both weight and mass. -Weight is the pull of the Earth’s gravity on mass and is dependent on the gravity experienced (so an object will have a different weight on the moon).[…]

The woes of answering Science open-ended questions

Several parents wrote to the Straits Times recently to express their concern about how the Science open-ended questions are structured. Despite the MOE’s good intentions to move towards a more inquiry-based learning, and to cultivate inquisitiveness, it does sometimes seem like the exam format is penalising those who do not memorise and regurgitate model answers.[…]

Learning Electricity

Learning about electricity hands-on. Couldn’t find a 1.5V bulb anymore, so I had to make do with a 6V. Also bought a battery holder, a pair of crocodile clips, and some copper wires. I created a few cards with four connectors and connected behind differently. Students get to play with the cards and determine which connectors[…]

Last minute PSLE Science tips to ace your exam

What will be assessed Knowledge and content Revise the following concepts (I’ve intentionally reorganised the topics differently from the MOE syllabus to give a different big picture perspective of the content): Adaptations and classification Characteristics of living things and classification Broad groups of living things (plants, animals,fungi, bacteria) Adaptations to: obtaining food, cope with physical[…]