calipers cardboard

Making your own vernier calipers

Students first learn about using vernier calipers in Sec 1. It’s not easy to understand how it’s read immediately, although learning how to read it is mechanical and quite obvious. So I made a template which can be printed and cut out of cardboard, so you can make you own. Step 1. Print out the[…]

volume of air

What is the volume of air?

Questions like these come up quite often in the exams. The answer for question 1 is (4) and the answer for question 2 is 800cm3. A parent asked me if I spotted the contradiction between the two questions. If, in the second question, the volume of air regardless of how much air has been pumped[…]



TGIF!!!!! We am super duper thrilled because it is one day from our inaugural class! From now onwards, we are looking forward to Fridays for a whole new reason—- we would be yearning to meet you on Saturdays! When friends heard that we are starting classes, they asked if we are scared of the risks.[…]

Our Maths Classes

Reality check: I have failed Maths before during my ‘A’ levels. Several times. In the end- I still aced my Maths subjects, including getting a distinction for the ‘S’ paper. Maths is about understanding and practice. And enjoying the subject. So often I hear students say, “Aiya I don’t know why I am doing this,[…]

Our English classes

It is just a few more days to Jan. 11- our first Study Room class! Many parents enquired about the way we will be conducting our classes. Over the next few days, we will explain our teaching methods. I will be teaching English. I believe it is tough to do last-minute revision for languages so[…]


We’re starting classes!

Dear friends, We have decided to start classes for Primary School children. We saw your comments and learned what you want and don’t want. Parents don’t want a cram school for their kids. What children need now is a place where they can have fun, start enjoying what they learn and still improve their grades.[…]