We’re starting classes!

Dear friends,

We have decided to start classes for Primary School children.

We saw your comments and learned what you want and don’t want. Parents don’t want a cram school for their kids. What children need now is a place where they can have fun, start enjoying what they learn and still improve their grades.

This is our goal too: to let students learn beyond their curriculum, have a lot of joy and score at the exams.

Wallace is a trader and aced his physics when he was studying at Imperial College and Stanford University. Through practical real-world scenarios and case studies, he will guide students through Maths and Science subjects so that they can learn about the concepts through daily life usage.

I have been a journalist for the past decade and my articles have been published on the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribute, Washington Post and others. I will be teaching English to my students using journalism as a tool. Through simulated games, they will improve their English and no longer find it a chore.

We are still looking for our nest- it will likely be in town, near Bugis area and a MRT station. Classes will be held only on Saturdays for now and will likely start in January.

If you are interested in joining us or know more details, please fill in the form here. We will contact you shortly.


Best regards,
Wallace & Wei