Working with my buddy- awesome!

Wallace and I teach at different time slots so my students seldom see him. Yesterday, Wallace walked into the classroom to get some stuff and I chatted with him briefly. “You guys are friends?!” one of my students exclaimed, distracted from his composition-writing. “Yes, we are.” “And you guys set up a company together and[…]

Reading News Articles

I must say we are sometimes caught in an awkward role. We are not the students’ school teachers nor their parents. We provide supplementary classes for primary school children who may need an extra boost in their studies. However, I believe we have a greater responsibility than that. Besides helping students improve their academic studies,[…]


I played this youtube video for my students today. What has this got to do with learning English, you may wonder. I try to give my students an article to read every week- I want them to be updated with current affairs, cultivate a habit of reading and also learn the writing style, vocabularies of other[…]