How the Dragon Boosted my Students’ Interest for Writing

How do you get kids to enjoy writing?

Writing compositions can be monotonous at times, especially for younger children.

Last week, I wanted to ignite their interest and decided to get them to write a children’s book! Imagine, having your own storybook with your name on the cover!

My students were brilliant. We brainstormed and they were very imaginative. I didn’t want to rein in on their creativity so I accepted all ideas. At the end of it, students would vote for the theme of the story, plots and names of characters that were suggested. In the whole process, I was merely the facilitator, guiding them in a systematic way.

And hey presto- my students are now proud authors of the book “The Dragon From the Toilet Saved the Day”!

 photo 1-22.jpg
I must say it’s a very impressive story by these seven-and eight-year old students!

There’s the interesting fantasy element with dragons and the absurdity of a dragon living in a toilet. The story is about a shy dragon who’s different from the rest- blowing bubbles instead of breathing fire. When the kingdom caught fire, the shy dragon saved the day by extinguishing the fire with his bubbles.

It’s a very meaningful book too- it educates the readers not to ostracize people who are different or merely introverts.

So proud of them. Any publishers who are interested?