Cheryl’s Age

The professor who came up with the question on Cheryl’s birthday wants us to guess her age now. ****SPOILER ALERT**** If you don’t want to spend your weekend wrecking brains our the brat Cheryl’s age, our Maths expert Wallace has the solution here. Enjoy! Step 1: The product of all our ages is 144 A,[…]

Tough Maths problem

This is a very tough question. Try this and see if you can solve it without using algebra. Andy, Betty, Candy and Danny each have some money. The amount of money Andy has is 1/3 of the total amount of money Betty, Candy and Danny have. The amount of money Betty has is 1/4 of[…]

March Holiday Programme

The March school holidays are here soon and we are planning exciting programmes for you! Check out what we are offering! Monday March 16 – Friday March 20  Upper-Primary Intensive Composition Writing (12-2pm) -We teach the latest three-picture composition format, explain how to tackle it and provide intensive exercises for the entire March holiday. –[…]

Happy News

It’s our job to teach and to help whenever we can. Of course, when we know we did make a difference, that would totally make our day. One of the students texted me today just to thank me for teaching him the use of the ratio cross multiply two weeks ago. It was a five-mark[…]