Working with my buddy- awesome!

Wallace and I teach at different time slots so my students seldom see him.

Yesterday, Wallace walked into the classroom to get some stuff and I chatted with him briefly.

“You guys are friends?!” one of my students exclaimed, distracted from his composition-writing.

“Yes, we are.”

“And you guys set up a company together and do this together? Are you guys good friends?” he continued probing.

“Of course, we are good friends. I have known him since I was 19. Why would I want to work with someone whom I don’t know or dislike?”

Then it occurred to me. I am very lucky.

Some friends heard that I am going to do a venture with a buddy and advised me against it, saying it will spoil the friendship and it never works out.

But hey, if you are going to do something you love, and you can share the joy with someone, who else better to do it with than your buddy? And working with a friend you can trust and rely on beats working with a colleague.

Of course, we are only doing this on Fridays and Saturdays now.

But if we were to do this full time one fine day, I am glad I have my good friend next to me, striving for the common goal and going through this awesome journey with me!