Our Science classes

Our classes (Part 2) – Science Classes

I am a Science geek. *Brag alert* Which is why I had As for Physics, Biology, Chemistry in my O and A Levels, had a distinction for S paper in Physics and two medals in the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad.

I love and live Science. And I want to impart that passion and the techniques of scoring to my students. Here’s my three-prong strategy in teaching your child:

1. FUN
To get my students interested, I’ll be incorporating fun activities, like paper-plane folding (air resistance) or rolling toy cars (gravity and friction). They already had a week of classes- my job is to help them learn without additional stress.

I will teach them methods that I used successfully as a student including concept maps and summary writing. This will not only benefit their studies now but also their school life in the next decade. This is a tried and tested method I have used all the time.

Understanding concepts doesn’t mean the students are exam-smart. Especially in Singapore, this is an important skill to have. Students will learn how to answer open-ended questions, highlighting keywords to get full marks.

Primary school syllabus covers the basic concepts in Science. For students who want to know more, I will give them deeper explanation so that they remain intrigued and prepare them further for Secondary school. As we ensure every class is kept small, each student will be given adequate attention to keep them up with his/her progress.

If this class interests you, you can enquire here http://studyroom.sg/registration/ and we will answer you promptly. We are located at Waterloo Centre near the National Library. P3-4 Science classes are held at 11:30 am to 1 pm on Saturday and P5-6 classes are conducted between 4 pm and 5:30 pm.