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How to solve number pattern problems

In the 2019 PSLE Math exam, a few challenging questions caught the attention of both students and parents. One number pattern question proved particularly challenging. Solving number patterns step by step: Question: What is the total number of triangles for Figure 250? Drawing more triangles. In this case, it will be impossible to complete – even[…]

Last minute Science tips!

This weekend, it’s time to focus on Science and your mother tongue. Here’s some last minute Science tips! Manage your time You have 1hr 45mins for the Science paper. 56% of the marks are in the MCQ and 44% in the open-ended section. This means you have roughly 1min per mark (2 mins per question[…]

How to prepare for PSLE Chinese this weekend

How to prepare for PSLE Chinese this weekend 1.字词:复习从小四到小六的字词。可以使用小六下册后面的小学字词进行复习,做到会读、理解字义会组词。 2.作文:熟读几篇作文,可以是自己写过的,老师给的范文或者作文书上的作文。如果可以抄写一下,会对写作文有极大的帮助。默写两个以上作文开头和结尾。基本的好词好句要会写。 3..阅读理解:对于做过的题型要有所认识,哪一类题型还不能很好的掌握,可以参阅答案或者向老师询问。 阅读理解先要迅速读两遍,找问题,划问题,答案基本上在问题的前后或者就在问题的那句话中,划线,写上问题的号码。最重要的按照问题进行回答,不要盲目抄写而已。 阅读理解的选择题,一定要在短文或广告找问题中的关键词语,进行划线,写号码,不要怕麻烦,这样做不但会有准确的答案,而且节省检查时间。 4.道德观的常用词汇要记,并能理解意思,才能灵活地运用到作文和阅读理解上。 from Study Room

Secondary school oral tips

Secondary school oral tips We had been tackling PSLE oral, but we haven’t forgotten you, big boys and girls. ☺ O Level oral is from 13-27 Aug. If you are one of the students taking the test next week, best of luck! Here are some quick tips. 1. Organise your thoughts. Some students tend to[…]

Physics tip:

Physics tip: Always check decimal points and significant numbers in the final answers and don’t forget the units! For instance, for the topic on “Pressure”, which has a multitude of units (atm, bar, torr, Pascals, etc) for one quantity. In exams, the SI unit is used (Pascals or Newton per unit sq metre) so it’s[…]