Secondary school oral tips

Secondary school oral tips We had been tackling PSLE oral, but we haven’t forgotten you, big boys and girls. ☺ O Level oral is from 13-27 Aug. If you are one of the students taking the test next week, best of luck! Here are some quick tips. 1. Organise your thoughts. Some students tend to[…]

Physics tip:

Physics tip: Always check decimal points and significant numbers in the final answers and don’t forget the units! For instance, for the topic on “Pressure”, which has a multitude of units (atm, bar, torr, Pascals, etc) for one quantity. In exams, the SI unit is used (Pascals or Newton per unit sq metre) so it’s[…]

Question from a S3

Question from a S3 student I feel stupid and stressed. I am slower than the rest. My friends always say they don’t study, but they always do so much better than me. When I study in school, they would jeer at me and I feel very pressurised. Should I not study? I don’t want to[…]

Composition tip:

Composition tip: Read this student’s introduction. Student’s intro: I still could remember that day, that fine and sunny day. It was one of the worst experiences I had ever experienced. Let me take you through that experience. It all started on a fine ‪Friday afternoon‬. Notes: – Good attempt at a flashback. – However, links[…]