The composition topic this year

The composition topic this year is: A Celebration.
Two people dancing
An invitation
Two people holding a baby

A seemingly easy topic but it can go wrong two ways:
– A student ends up writing a mediocre composition because he just focuses on the superficial aspects of a celebration with a flat plot.
– A student tries too hard to have a conflict and the problem overshadows the celebration.

How to ace this:
– There is only one key word so remember to focus on THE CELEBRATION.
– Even if you have a conflict, remember to go back to why this is worthy of a celebration. Try to spend at least 1/3 of the story explaining why this is a celebration.
– Have more insights. How you feel about the success that you have achieved

Plot outline suggestion:

– flashback intro: I held onto the invitation card as tears glistened in my eyes, while I prepared for the celebration. (noticed how there’s foreshadowing, but plot’s not revealed)
-background: how I had failed my exams all the time and suddenly came to my senses and decided to work hard. (Not a huge conflict but it explains why the success matters later.)
– details how hard I worked with my peers
– back to present: the invitation was to my graduation ceremony. Flashforward to the ceremony. I was the valedictorian and I gave an inspiring speech. (to explain why this is worthy of a celebration)
– last two graphs- how my parents and my peers celebrated at the graduation ceremony. Could include dancing. Give insights about how I felt. Why this was worth celebrating.

Good luck! from Study Room