Thanks for making my day

A parent told me yesterday that her son has been asking her if he could attend my class daily, instead of his regular school.

Thank you for making my day.

We are always happy to hear that students love our classes. When I was a kid 20 years ago, I would always waste my parents’ money, as I constantly daydreamed during my enrichment classes, even if it was a one-to-one session. Hence, it is our commitment to make learning fun so that our students are interested in learning, actually pay attention and understand what’s being taught.

Separately, we would like to thank everyone for the big support so far. It’s been slightly more than two weeks since we have commenced full-time operations. To focus on this has been a dream come true. As such, we are able to achieve a couple of things.

1. Our number of students has quadrupled from last year.
We are happy to make so many new friends. Thanks for being part of our lives.
Despite the increase in students, we maintain our teacher: student ratio at 1:8. This will ensure we can still pay attention to everyone.

2. More Brainstorming
We are very happy to have the extra time to focus on producing even better curriculum for our children. Gone are the days where we have to wake up at 4am or sleep at 2am to juggle our day job.

Not only that, we can now spend time brainstorming to come up with the most effective learning method for our students.

One thing remains the same.

We are committed to guiding and mentoring our students to achieve more and learn better, regardless what teaching method we employ.

We couldn’t have done all these and achieve our dream without you. Thank you.