Logic in Compositions

Logic is very important in compositions. When we are planning the story, we must constantly ask ourselves, “Is this logical?”

Two weeks ago, my students wrote about an accident. General plot: A dog saw an ice-cream cone that’s dropped on the ground, rushed across the road to get it and got hit by a bus.

One student wrote that he was walking the dog, and he dropped the ice-cream cone that he was holding onto and the dog went across the road to get the ice-cream.

Wait a minute.

If the dog is next to you and you just dropped your ice-cream cone, why did the dog need to cross the road to get it?

This is not a philosophical question nor a Harry Porter fantasy novel.

That’s the thing about the new three-picture composition. You have a lot more flexibility in writing, but you could get out of point if you are not careful too.

So please plan your stories and make sure they are reasonable.