Thank You

It’s the last Study Room class for the year this coming Saturday as we take a break and prepare for full-time operations in 2015.Maybe it’s the haze altering my mood; I am feeling very melodramatic now as I prepare for the final lesson of 2014.

I remember the excitement when we had our inaugural class- I even prepared a speech for the P6 students to motivate them. In the end I didn’t use it because the lesson took place so smoothly and there wasn’t enough time to finish all that I had prepared! The two of us would meet every week to brainstorm the best way to teach the children and devise new games to ignite their interest.

Juggling two jobs wasn’t easy- I recall the 4am alarms (and then the 4:15am and 4:30am rings as I snoozed) as I got out of bed to mark the daily assignments and exam papers for our P6 students. I would doze off in the train on my way to the Novena centre after work every week and then feel energised once I see the bubbly students.

The two of us really want to thank the pioneer batch of parents.

We started teaching this year purely out of passion and you knew us merely from our Facebook tips. Yet, you trusted us with your children. A huge thanks for your faith towards us. We did our best we could to aid the students and hope we haven’t disappointed you.

To our students: thank you for bringing joy to our lives and learning along with us. 

As we turn full-time next year, our goal is to continue to make learning fun for children. Even as we expand in future (which we hopefully will!), our promise is to uphold this love for teaching and help as many students as we can.