Thank you for your faith in us

Missed my former P6 kids a few days ago and started texting them, asking how they were coping with secondary school life. Knowing these children was the best gift I had received in 2014.

We started classes last year because we really enjoy interacting with children and mentoring them, even if it means spending our precious weekends to guide them along in their studies.

From today onwards, we are taking the leap and we are doing this full-time, offering lessons throughout the week. Even as we expand, please rest assured our primary objectives remain the same- we want to ignite the interest in learning, care for all our students and touch as many lives as we can.

Thank you for believing in us. Without your faith in us, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

The journey as an educator isn’t easy but with our passion and your support, we strongly believe we can do it.

Together, we vow that we will not just motivate our students ace their exams. We will give them an education too and cultivate their love for learning. smile emoticon