We are halfway through our first week- we will be meeting most of you over the weekend. Let me share with you some queries we have encountered.

1. How big is your class?

As many of you know, we cap the class at eight students. This is so that we can pay attention on every student.

If you like an even smaller class, I would recommend choosing our weekday classes. Our weekend classes are mostly full (i.e 8 students); many parents have opted for the weekend classes due to logistics and school CCA schedule.

So if you choose a weekday lesson, the class size will likely be smaller than Saturday’s.

2. Is there any homework?

For P1-5, we try not to give any homework as we understand students are busy with their schoolwork. However, as a boutique school, we are flexible and tailor our classes to everyone’s needs. If parents request for it, we don’t mind giving the child more work.

For the first month, we will monitor the progress of the students. As we start to understand them, we may issue some assignment to help the weaker students catch up.

For P6 students, sorry- we will be giving you homework. It’s a crucial year and we will work hard together to get that A*.

3. My kid is in GEP. Do you have classes just for GEP students?

We don’t have classes just for GEP. As mentioned earlier, it’s a small class and we can help everyone and cater to everyone’s requirement. I will guide the student with his GEP homework such as book reviews, character analysis etc. Just shout out to us.

4. My child is weak in his studies. Can he join your class?

Of course!!! We are here to help, not to judge!

Our goal to change lives, help students love learning and improve in their studies. Rejecting weak students is not part of the spirit of Study Room.

If you have further queries, just message us here http://studyroom.sg/contact-us/ and I will get back to you shortly.