Some parents heard constant screams of joy outside of classroom last weekend and probed what got their children so excited in class. One asked, “Are the students actually enjoying themselves when they have to study?”

This is probably very rare when students are asked to attend enrichment classes. :)

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We try to make our classes as fun as possible and always try to invent new games to get them interested. In this new year, I got two new sets of games for our centre. By answering a Science/Maths question correctly, the student gets a chance at the hoop to earn points for their team and the opposing team will need to add a tile in the game of Jenga. This way, they will pay attention in class and process the concepts learnt to win the games. Even if they are attending two or more lessons on the same day, they can still focus and learn from our classes.

Now that I have won them over, it’s easier to help them with their school work and motivate them to study hard. I am confident this partnership will succeed. :)