Life is so easy?

“Life is so easy now, you don’t have classes everyday,” said some friends.

On the surface, it appears so. However, there’s a lot of responsibility involved. Guiding the kids academically and also aiming to provide an education for them, devising ways to get them interested, and helping them improve in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s especially the case for P6 students who are taking the PSLE.

Even though I believe grades aren’t everything, I still want them to do well because I want them to lay the foundation for the subjects, which will be useful for them in their adult life. And also because this is Singapore, at the end of the day, it still counts for something.

Today is my non-teaching day and I am wrecking my brains, thinking of ways to help the P6 students.

The first paper is on Oct. 1. I need to know every individual so I can help them achieve their full potential. Especially for those who are weaker in their studies, there’s extra work to be done and I need them to be motivated and work along with me.

The next six months will be gruelling but I hope we will see results at the end of this fight.