Tips on acing secondary science questions

Any tips on acing secondary science questions? Are there any answering technique like primary sch? ### How are secondary school science questions different? 1️⃣The questions are more specific. More specific questions are easier to answer. For example, instead of “Suggest why the electrical circuit is housed in a waterproof box” (for primary school) and having[…]

Science tip

Science tip Science open-ended questions are the Achilles’ heel for many Primary school students. Here’s one tip that may help you. “What is the purpose of the item?” This is a common question. It could be camouflaged as examiners may ask using different wordings. You must recognise that they are asking for the purpose. Instead[…]

Maths tip

There are 360 more green apples than red apples at a fruit stall. 🍎 After 1/4 of the green apples and 5/6 of the red apples are sold, there are 380 apples left. How many apples are sold in all? Are you taking a double take on this question? Are you unsure of your answer?[…]

A lot of P6 students were caught off-guard yesterday when this appeared as their SA1 composition topic.

A lot of P6 students were caught off-guard yesterday when this appeared as their SA1 composition topic. Topic: An unexpected friendship Pictures: Old lady/bus stop/dog 1. Don’t fret when you see an unfamiliar topic. Unlike in P3 and P4 where they choose pictures that correlate and topics that are straight forward e.g. A rainy day,[…]

Help! My child is an entrepreneur!

Help! My child is an entrepreneur! A very common question recently: My teenage son/daughter is selling this on carousell and the other online sites. I am afraid he/she will not focus on his/her studies. You are not alone. Just in the past year, I have parents telling me about their children who sell shoes, clothes,[…]

Science tip

Science tip: Do you have problems with primary school Science open-ended questions? Try this question! Wallace carried out an experiement to find out how the height of three similar plants was affected by the amount of light they had been exposed to for a period of time. The results were recorded below. Dim light: Height[…]