Happy birthday to our dearest Anna

Happy birthday to our dearest Anna. Helming lower pri Maths at Study Room, she has touched not just our students, but also thousands of students at ACSI, where she had taught for decades. Encouraging, kind, yet firm, we never have to worry about her classes. Grateful to have such an experienced hand laying the #Maths[…]

Don’t join Study Room if …

Don’t join Study Room if you are looking for 1) state-of-the-art designs, with biometric technology for student access into the premises. Sorry, we don’t have that kind of money. What we can offer is children’s safety when they are within our compound. 2) teachers who scold your students for not memorizing phrases or cane them[…]

A day of treats

A day of treats. Deserving students get their pizza reward after achieving SA1 goals. Working harder for the prelim targets now! P.S. Domino’s Pizza – Singapore we should be your ambassador! 🤣

Call us home

A Sec 1 student came for our potluck party for the P6 and secondary school students last Sunday even though he had no one to send him (parents were abroad) and was exhausted (he had just ended four days of camp.) Later on, when the party was ending, he asked if he could stay overnight[…]

StudyRoom Star Awards

Yesterday, we had a #studyroomstarawards for our students. I think it’s only right to honor our teachers too. Many parents may have the impression that Study Room is just helmed by Wallace & Wei. That’s not true. Without the efforts of our other caring teachers, we would not have grown as fast as we have.[…]

Even larger vernier calipers

At Study Room, we are always eager to challenge our students intellectually, force them to question in a bid to make studying more stimulating and fun. A couple of months ago, I was teaching secondary students how to use vernier calipers. It’s a little dated considering digital ones are more common and work better. Nonetheless,[…]