Science tip: “What is the relationship between…”

Science tip: “What is the relationship between…” This is a common exam question and you may feel confident about answering it. However, you will be surprised how many students still make mistakes for such a question. The standard answer always goes: “As the [changed variable] increases/decreases, the [measured variable] increases/ decreases” and it’s usually a[…]

Science tip: Weight and mass

Science tip: The following is a common misconception by students. Remember: Weight and mass are different things. Weight is the effect of the pull of gravity on an object. It is the same as the gravitational force acting on an object. i.e. weight is a force. Mass is the amount of matter of an object.[…]

elimination method

Elimination method

  Try the 5 questions below (P3 level). If you can do them, then you’ve already got an understanding of the elimination method.    Ans: 3 8 6 18 8 These questions below are more difficult but build on the same method of problem-solving: Mdm Lim bought 10 apples and 2 pears with $16. She would[…]


How to revise for Science

Make a Timetable To be productive, make a study timetable. This way you ensure that you are able to cover the whole syllabus. There will also be more focus. Break the topic down into very small chunks that can be studied in 30-60minutes. After making the timetable, stick to it. It’s OK to fall behind[…]

Grateful to Anna and Florence

Last night, I had my first P1 2018 class. The children were fun loving and I had a great time with them. At the same time, I felt really grateful to Anna and Florence, our lower-primary teachers for the regular classes. I have stopped teaching lower primary classes for a couple of years and have[…]