Even larger vernier calipers

At Study Room, we are always eager to challenge our students intellectually, force them to question in a bid to make studying more stimulating and fun. A couple of months ago, I was teaching secondary students how to use vernier calipers. It’s a little dated considering digital ones are more common and work better. Nonetheless,[…]

High SES? Low SES?

Saw this annoying content on Mothership.sg and mrbrown. The social studies text explains what is social class in Singapore. Among which, if you live in a HDB or eat at hawker centres, you are deemed to be in the lower strata. So much to comment about this. I will like to point out a few[…]

Passion for teaching

Recently, someone asked me what is the key quality I look for when I interview teachers. Passion This sounds cliche but it is extremely important in the education industry. If we hire a teacher who just comes in to do the bare minimum, will the student really learn? Improvement comes with many factors: a good[…]

Keep in touch, young man!

Taught this fine young man when he was in primary school. He dropped by Study Room last Sat but didn’t have time to catch up with him as I was in class. Thus I arranged for a meal with him today. Very proud of this dude who’s now independent, confident and eloquent. He even dispensed[…]

DIY Visualiser

What do you see on the left? A lamp? It’s more than a lamp. This is not a philosophical question. 😆 This is a visualiser too. Being a small enterprise, every cent counts. A good visualiser costs a thousand dollars. Wallace, the Science guru who always advocates application to what’s learnt, walked the talk too.[…]

P6 Composition tip

P6 Composition tip: Don’t be a Mediacorp scriptwriter How often have you cringed when you watch our local dramas? “Man, that’s just predictable!” you would groan. or “That simply doesn’t make sense!” Why is the bad guy in the show always sneering after an evil act and why is it so coincidental that the protagonist[…]

A fabulous first week of school!

It was a hectic, yet fabulous first week of school. We got to know more friends, started our Chinese classes and were well-prepared. Our new teachers Aden, Sook Yee, Yang Ping and Yaxi were able to hit the ground effortlessly with their years of experience in teaching. We are thankful for their help, and of[…]

Our role as educators

A friend recently asked if I thought I have changed someone’s life. We don’t know if we have, but hope we have at the very least influenced a student for the better. Education is unlike other businesses. It is not just about dollars and cents. We have to go beyond our duty and care for[…]