What about spotting questions? You won’t be as familiar as the teachers in school. 

We are super kiasu. We make sure we are up to date. We spotted many PSLE oral question and English composition questions year after year. We spend an entire week coming up with our own curriculum and practice papers every week. In the process, we go through assessment books and school examination papers. This way, we keep ourselves updated on what’s important for the exams.

As for being exam-smart, both of us had gone through the Singapore system. Wallace even had all distinctions for his S paper at ‘A’ level. Being exam-smart is a life-long skill, not a product that may expire. We know how to ace the exams, and we are trying to impart that to your children.

(Example: We posted this Science exam tip among many others.)

What if my child can’t turn up for a class that particular week?

You can take the other class offered in the same week if the class isn’t full. Each week spans Monday to Sunday.

Will there be refunds for public holidays?

For weeks with public holidays, students can attend a similar class. Weekend classes are not affected by holidays (they will run as usual).

What if there’s a holiday that’s unscheduled? For example, the government declares a holiday because we win the World Cup.

If that happens, we will refund you and may even give you a bonus if Singapore does win the World Cup.

What if my child doesn’t like the class after I paid for the course?

At Study Room, we hope that will never happen. However, in the worst-case scenario when that happens, we have a trial period for two weeks. If your child decides it’s not suitable for him, he gets a full refund, no questions asked.

However, the refund isn’t applicable after the initial two weeks.

What’s the payment method?

You can pay by GIRO, bank transfer (PayNow or FAST), and cheque.

Can you give me a discount, please?

Our prices are reasonable, as our belief is to help as many students as we can while maintaining quality in our classes. We don’t have any other hidden charges such as a “registration fee” or “material fee” that other centres include in their packages.  Still, we have some perks for loyal friends. Please see here for more details.

What’s the billing cycle?

We collect payments on a quarterly basis. This is to reduce administrative overheads. You’re welcome to join at any time – the charges will be pro-rated for the quarter.