2016 Schedule

P1 English P1 Maths
Sat 2pm Sat 12pm
Thu 10am Tue 4.30pm
Fri 3pm
P2 English P2 Maths
Sat 9am Sat 10.30am
Fri 4.30pm Tue 3pm
Sat 3.30pm
P3 English P3 Maths P3 Science
Thu 3pm Thu 4.30pm Thu 3pm
Sat 1030am Sat 1230pm Sat 9am
Sun 1030am Sun 12pm Sun 9am
P4 English P4 Maths P4 Science
Thu 4.30pm Thu 3pm Thu 4.30pm
Sat 5pm  Sat 10.30am Sat 3.30pm
P5 English P5 Maths P5 Science
Fri 4.30pm Wed 4.30pm Wed 3pm
Sat 3.30pm Sat 2pm Sat 5pm
Sun 12pm Sun 10.30am Sun 2pm
P6 English P6 Maths P6 Science
Thu 6pm Wed 6pm Wed 4.30pm
Sat 12pm Sat 9am Sat 10.30am
Sat 2pm Sun 3.30pm Sun 12pm
Sun 2pm
Sun 5pm
Sun 6.30pm
Sec 1 English Sec 1 Maths Sec 1 Science
Fri 7pm Thu 7.30pm Thu 6pm
Sat 10.30am Sat 12pm
Sec 2 English Sec 2 Maths Sec 2 Science
Sun 3.30pm Thu 6pm Wed 6pm
Sat 3.30pm Sat 2pm

Classes: Each class is 1.5h and limited to 8 students. Times above show the start time.

Rates: Please contact us for details.

Dates for 2016:

We do not have regular classes on the following dates (please attend a similar class in the week if you’re affected).
Feb 8 – Feb 9 (Mon and Tue – CNY)
Mar 25 (Good Friday)
Jun 20 – Jun 26 (School Holiday)
Jul 6 (Wed – Hari Raya Puasa)
Aug 9 (Tue – National Day)
Sep 12 (Mon – Hari Raya Haji)
Nov 14 – Jan 1 (School Holiday)

Regular classes are scheduled on all other days. We have holiday programs May 30 to Jun 19 and Nov 14 to Dec 11.