March Holiday Classes


How to answer Science open ended questions

Date: 18th March (Friday)
Time: 1.30-4.30pm (Small snack provided)
Class capped at eight students
Suitable for P5-P6 students

This is the biggest weakness for most students.

Even though many students understand concepts and do fairly well on the MCQ section, they struggle to score in Section B. There are various reasons for that, including not able to express oneself clearly and use precise keywords that demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

In this class, students will learn some techniques on how do well in Section B. This includes key phrases to use for some standard common questions, and answering to the question as the examiner expects.
Fees: $120


Tackling Upper Primary Composition Class

Dates: 15 and 16 March (Tues and Wed)
Time: 10- 4pm (12 hours- Lunch provided)
Class capped at eight students
Suitable for P4-P6 students
This is one of our most popular holiday classes. It’s a 12-hour step-by-step guidance on the new three-picture composition format.
– Students learn how to plan for stories, work on introductions/conclusions, think of a surprise for their stories, describe using their five senses and most importantly, they are taught how to think in the shoes of the teacher and write for the exams.
Fees: $400

Tackling Secondary School Composition: Argumentative Essays

Date: 18 March (Friday)
Time: 10am-1pm (Three hours)
Class capped at eight students
Suitable for all Secondary School levels
Argumentative essays or expository essays is one of the type of questions that will be tested in the secondary school examinations. Students often avoid this type of questions, opting for the narrative and descriptive compositions. Actually, it’s easy to score in this category once you learn how to provide facts and evidences.
This class teaches one how to tackle this genre of questions using a systematic approach, how to avoid having flawed arguments and how to analyse using supportive arguments. If they conquer this, General Paper will be a breeze in JC.
Fees: $150

If you are keen to join the classes or want to enquire further, message us here: