Don’t join Study Room if …

Don’t join Study Room if you are looking for

1) state-of-the-art designs, with biometric technology for student access into the premises.
Sorry, we don’t have that kind of money. What we can offer is children’s safety when they are within our compound.

2) teachers who scold your students for not memorizing phrases or cane them for being ill disciplined.

We are firm when needed to maintain class discipline. We tell the truth to students, so they don’t live in their bubbles. However, we also encourage, motivate and try our best to bond with them because we believe that’s the better way to learn.

3) overnight improvements
There are centres that promise an improvement to A from F in 24 hours. We don’t want to call them liars or say it’s a gimmick but we can’t do that.

We set reasonable goals and celebrate small milestones. We praise a child for improving from D to a C, and from C to a B.

4) top-down education
We don’t just lecture.

We share our knowledge with students and they can constantly challenge us and are encouraged to participate actively in class.

Join Study Room if you

1) believe in fun learning.
Our classes may be a tad noisy at times. For your information, it’s not because they are chatting, but students are too eager to get a question correct, and sometimes cheer in excitement because they win the quiz.

2) don’t mind teachers being friendly with students
Some of us even encourage them to call us by our first names. There’s banter and at times nagging, but we want to be friends with them, rather than an authority figure.
They only have one childhood and we want it to be a memorable one. For teenagers, we strongly believe we have to communicate to them and understand them before we can get them to work with us. We advocate a Study Room family culture where students should be comfortable here.

3) believe in open communication
We will feedback if we see any red flags. Vice versa, if you spot any of our blind spots, you are welcome to tell us. We value constructive feedback.

4) like that we delve a little more out of the curriculum.
Holiday programs aside, we will engage in science experiments, current affairs discussion during regular classes too.

if you have checked all the right boxes, and we are on the same page, contact us.