Giro facility now available! Sign up for a $30 one-off rebate.

We want to make the payment process easier and hassle-free for you, so we’ve finally added the facility to collect payment by GIRO. This also reduces our admin workload, so to encourage the switch, we’re offering a one-off $30 rebate.

Why should I sign up?
It’s hassle-free. No need to write a cheque or go down to the bank. No need to log into your online banking website. Simply fill up this form, and pass it to either Wei or Wallace and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll also have the forms at hand at Study Room. We’ll seek authorisation from your bank and will let you know when everything is set.

When will GIRO deductions be made?
You will receive an invoice by email 7 days before the payment is due. A deduction will only be made from your bank account on the due date. The amount deducted will be reflected in your bank statement.

Can I terminate the GIRO arrangement?
Yes, you can do that at any time. Fill up the GIRO termination form and return it to us. This takes effect immediately (unless there was a collection already submitted for processing).

Can I amend the GIRO arrangement to another bank?
Yes, you can. Fill up a new GIRO application form and return it to us. Until the new GIRO application has been approved, your old GIRO arrangement will continue to take effect.

How does this one-off rebate work?
When the GIRO application is successful, this one-off rebate will be applied automatically to the fees for the next term.

Wallace & Wei

Study Room GIRO form