Going Full-time and Study Room’s 2015 Schedule

It has been a superb year.We devoted our Friday nights and Saturdays to teaching children this year. It was very tiring as we have day jobs but it brought a lot of satisfaction to our lives.

Thank you for your support and thank you for believing in us.

After much consideration, we have decided we will go full-time next year.

This means:
1. We will have a permanent place.
2. We will have more classes.
3. We will have one level per class.

Our mission, however doesn’t change. We will continue to teach with passion, make learning fun for children and go the extra mile for all our students.

We will be at TPY HSR building, next to Peichun Public School.

As we had many enquiries about 2015’s schedule in the past weeks, we decided we should release it earlier so that parents can reserve a place at our centre. Click here to see our timetable.

For interested parties, you can register your interest or enquire more details here. http://studyroom.sg/registration/

Here’s to a brand new beginning.