Half year reflection

Every half a year, we take a step back and reflect on our work. This is a good way for us to improve and reconsider our priorities and challenges. This year, we moved to a more convenient location that’s a few minutes away from the train station. The Study Room family is also expanding with more teachers and more students. As Uncle Ben (Spidey’s uncle) said, with great power comes great responsibilities. 😉 With more students and teachers, we want to make sure we still put in our best and provide quality education for our students. – Classes remain small at eight for primary school classes and ten for secondary school. – For all teachers, a guide is provided for every lesson to make sure our standards are consistent. Teachers provide feedback to Wallace & Wei at the end of every lesson so that we can tweak our curriculum according to the strength/weakness of the current cohort – Our goal is still to motivate the students, while helping them improve. Sometimes, we do a bit more, knowing them as friends outside the class, simply because that’s what we do. – With a bigger team of former school teachers and industry practitioners, we want to have the most well-rounded education and education that makes sense to them. When learning Science, they must see the applications behind it. When learning English, we make sure they understand how important it is in their adult lives. When learning Maths, we ensure they comprehend the logic instead of blindly doing drills. It’s after the mid-year exams now- we are setting goals for our students and encouraging them to do better. Indeed, academic studies aren’t everything, but we always want to try our best in whatever we do. We do not want to be mediocre in what we do (both learning and teaching), because mediocrity is soul destroying. We are fixated in doing well for the second half. May we strive hard and enjoy this process together! Onwards and upwards!