How I Teach My P1 Students

A parent recently enquired about my Primary 1-2 English classes. As some of you may know, I have outdoor lessons for the kids to get them interested in the language. When we are in the classroom, I will like to brag that the syllabus are just as exciting.  Here’s my reply to the mother.

My class generally has the following components:

1. A composition exercise- Students write with my guidance and helping words. This helps to improve their writing. It could be a picture essay or a topic we discussed. The goal is to let them write as much as possible.

2. Show and tell segment: Some of the exercises I went through include:
a) Students would be a “TV anchor” and present a segment for the “Study Room TV” session
b) They would split into debate teams, prepare for a topic and then argue their points with one another
c) They can present on topics and their fellow classmates would critique on what they should have done. This way, there’s interaction and you learn more when you observe from a third party too.

3. Quiz
This is the most popular segment I have in class. They are split into two groups and compete to be the winner. The quiz includes questions on grammar, vocabulary etc.

I also play a game based on the “Wheel of Fortune” show where the children guess the words based on my clues. This way, they learn spelling and new vocabularies without going through dull spelling tests.

I change my lesson contents often to keep them fresh and enticing to the kids. The above is the mould of the what I usually do but it’s subject to changes. Every exercise I come up with is with the goal to help them improve a certain component of the English paper.