Learning the Arts

I am super duper excited.

We started these classes because we want children to enjoy learning and really pick up something from our lessons.

This Saturday, I am bringing the Primary 1-2 kids to the Singapore Art Museum. It’s the second last day of the Singapore Biennale, so we made it just in time! The students will have a tour of the exhibits, get to ask questions about the displays (to encourage them to express in public) and write a composition about their excursion.

I just went for a recce of the museum to prepare for my class and I was just awed by what was offered. Well done, Singapore Art Museum and Singapore Biennale– it is really very interesting and intriguing.

 photo 3-6.jpg
I feel so glad I have the opportunity to introduce the arts to my students when they are at a tender age. Big thanks to the parents for agreeing to this program. It will be very educational and I hope it will boost their interest for the arts while they learn their language.