Listening comprehension tips

Listening comprehension tip:

It’s the listening comprehension examinations on Sept. 20, i.e. this Friday.

Like all examinations, we need to know what we are tested on to be able to ace them. Here are the details I derived from MOE and various government schools.

Marks: Listening comprehension accounts for 20 marks of a total 200 for the entire English language examinations. It’s an easier part of the paper so try to get all 20 marks if possible.

The goals for listening comprehension include:
*listening to a variety of spoken texts and demonstrate understanding of the content at the literal and inferential levels
*identifying main ideas and recalling details
*inferring and drawing conclusions
*following a set of procedures

The format:
*There are 20 multiple-choice questions to test the pupils’ ability to understand spoken English
-Q1 to Q4: graphic questions- questions are read out to pupils
-Q5-Q20: questions and options are read out to pupils
* The texts may be in the form of news items, announcements, advertisements, instructions, conversations, telephone conversations, speeches and stories

Listening comprehension tips (Part II)

Remember- this is one of the easiest paper to score, so do it carefully without any careless mistakes. This is the paper to get a perfect score.

The examiner is not out to trick you with difficult questions and the main reason for the examination is to make sure you understand English. Be calm, be careful, be smart.

Step 1: You get the question paper.
Quickly glimpse through to have a sense of what will be asked and you can watch out for the questions.

Step 2: The passage is read to you twice.
During the first read, I would circle the answer and also shade it on the OAS paper.

Remember, arrogance gets us nowhere. During the second read of the passage, don’t think you have already aced the paper and start to daydream.

If I were you, I would
a) listen to the passage again and make sure I didn’t interpret the question wrongly
b) make sure my answer is correct
c) make sure the right OAS oval is shaded

Step 3: Final kiasu check
Since I have circled on the question book earlier, I will check again to make sure what I shade on the OAS align with the ones I circled.

Let me know if you have any other tips for the listening comprehension paper.