Question-tag grammar questions

Question-tag grammar questions are easy.

Usually it is:
Subject+verb (positive), (negative) verb +subject?
He is fat, isn’t he?
Subject +verb (negative), (positive) verb +subject?
He doesn’t like to be called fat, does he?

There are exceptions though.

Be extremely careful when you see questions which use adverbs which have a negative sense such as “never”, “rarely”, “seldom”, “hardly”, “barely” and “scarcely.”

Even though they may be in a positive statement, the feeling of the statement is negative. We treat statements with these words like negative statements, so the question tag is normally positive.

Look at these examples:

He never called you, did he?
She can rarely come these days, can she?
She hardly ate anything tonight, did she?
I barely know him, do I?
You would scarcely expect her to know that, would you?